Northwest Graphics launches new Webstore on August 29th 2022.

When you first visit the store, you will need to register.  That process will send you an email to set your password and verify your email. Once done, our customer service team will be alerted and will assign you access to your catalog. If for some reason you don’t get assigned a catalog, please reach out to us at 815-544-3676 or [email protected] and we’ll look into it.

Once you’ve been assigned your catalog, you should be able to browse the products you’re used to, place them in the cart and then check out.  We have space for you to enter your own shipper details.  When you enter your name and delivery address, they will be saved to your account for use in the future.  When you place the order we will be alerted and will invoice you for the items as normal.

The old catalog will be discontinued September 1.

Please let us know if you have any comments, questions or feedback?

Thank you,

Steve Bartscher
Northwest Graphics
4337 S. Perryville Road, #104
Cherry Valley, IL 61016


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